1948 "Mori Iron Works" established as a private business concern.
Started manufacturing mine cars and brick dies.
1953 Reorganized into a private limited company "Mori Iron Works"
with paid-in capital of 1,800,000 yen.
Tsuyoshi Mori appointed as President.
1957 Started designing and manufacturing forming rolls.
1962 Started manufacturing jigs, dies and specialized machine tools for automobiles.
1965 Okayama Factory established and joined Higashi-Okayama Iron Industry Park Co-op.
Started pressing large-sized automobile parts.
1968 Started sales of cold roll forming machines.
Capital increased to 5,000,000 yen.
1972 Started manufacturing marine diesel engine fuel pump actuator and piston pins.
Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen.
1974 Reorganized into a business corporation "Mori Iron Works".
Toru Mori appointed as President.
1975 Heat treatment workshop established.
Carburizing and quenching departments integrated.
1976 Osaka Satellite Office opened.
1977 Retrofitted a secondhand horizontal boring machine to be a machining center.
Started sales of ATCs, APCs, AACs and etc.
1978 Tokyo Office opened.
1985 Tenjin #2 Factory established and started manufacturing
large size forming machines and ATCs.
1987 Okayama #2 Factory established.
Introduced 10 robots for welding automobile parts.
Tenjin #1 Factory upgraded into a full-scale machining center factory
by introducing 4 mid-sized machining centers.
1988 On the company’s 40th anniversary, company name changed to "Mori Machinery Corporation".
Capital increased to 20,000,000 yen.
Technical cooperation agreement on straight edge forming mills signed
with Mannesmann Demag Meer (Germany).
1989 Tenjin #3 Factory established.
Assembly and testing area for fuel pump actuator completed.
1990 Started sales of straight edge forming mills.
1992 Introduced a large-sized camshaft grinding machine.
Started sales of large-sized cams for marine engines.
Introduced two mid-sized five-profile processing machines.
1993 Yoshii Factory established.
Cost Saving Machine Department moved to Yoshii Factory.
Nagoya Office opened.
1997 Technical cooperation agreement on mixers signed
with Werner Heimbeck GmbH (Germany) .
Yoshii #2 Factory established.
1998 Technical cooperation agreement on tablet presses signed
with Korsch Pressen GmbH (Germany).
Yoshii #3 Factory established.
Introduced a dimensional measuring machine (Carl Zeiss).
2000 Technical cooperation agreement signed with Pelleting Technology Netherland.
Started production of pellet mills.
2004 Nagoya Servise Center opened.
Introduced a vacuum hardening furnace.
2007 The head quarters are moved from Mimasaka city to Akaiwa city
(Yosii Factory).
The 4th Factory (forming roll department) and the 5th Factory Heat
-treatment Factory) are added.
2010 Osaka Office opened.
2011 Ikuo Mori appointed as President.