Business Outline
Second factory of OkayamaWe started production of anti-vibration brackets for automotives in 1965 and since then we have been meeting to ever lasting severe requirements of automotive indsutry.

Our products, high performance metal parts such as automotive engine mounts, strut mounts, suspension link and so on are manufactured under our total management which includes press mold designing, welding machine designing, press work, welding work and so on.

Based on our well-cultivated technology of press, welding and peripherals, we challenge for new markets.

Press machine Transfer press 400TON 250TON 200TON
Progressive press 500TON 300TON 200TON 150TON
110TON 100TON
Single press 100TON 80TON 60TON 30TON
Welding machine Projection welding machines, spot welding machines, argon welding machines, CO2, TIG, plasma welding robots, special purpose welding machines (developed in-house)

Main equipment

Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. NOK Corporation
Tottori-Vibracoustic Co., Ltd Sanso Electric Co., Ltd.